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Many an excursion destination is worthwhile in summer, many a one in winter, but both? The Rittner Horn is a paradise in summer as well as in winter and in addition the summit is blessed with what is probably the most beautiful panorama of South Tyrol. It is also easy to reach – for everyone.

All this makes the Rittner Horn a Genussberg [enjoyable mountain] par excellence. In the warm season it can be reached by cable car, at the top station of which you are spoilt for choice when it comes to options for hiking trails. The more sporty can hike the 2260 metre high Rittner Horn themselves, which can be reached in about an hour from the mountain station, or cycle up from the valley station by bike. The easiest way is with a little support from the e-bike. No matter how you travel along the Rittner Horn, nobody is left wanting here. A large number of inns and huts are open to hikers and cyclists, so the Genussberg is also a culinary mountain.

360-degree view onto the soul of South Tyrol

In winter the transport capacity at Rittner Horn is increased. Even then, as in summer, the cable car brings skiers, snowboarders, tobogganists and hikers to the slopes of the Rittner Horn, but here two additional ski lifts are operated, so that the Genussberg becomes a pleasure ski area: familiar, manageable, without queues and overcrowded pistes. By the way: in winter you can even save yourself the trip to the summit, a ski lift is available to take you all the way up.

From there you have probably the most beautiful view of South Tyrol, a 360-degree panoramic view right into the soul of this country. In the south-east and south, the peaks of the Dolomites spread out into a panorama in CinemaScope, in the middle of which lies the South Tyrolean symbolic mountain, the Sciliar. If you turn north, you can see the Sarntal and Stubai Alps and in the west King Ortler rises above all the other mountains. Nowhere else can you see so much of South Tyrol at once.