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This approximately 120 km long tour is something like the little sister of the tour that leads over the Karerpass, whereby the route overlaps in some sections, and not only on the classic ride from Ritten downhill to Bolzano. This track is something like the home track for every biker who goes on holiday in Ritten.

Of course we also start our Lavazèjoch tour in Ritten, we drive to Bolzano and from there to the north. In Kardaun, just north of Bolzano, we turn right onto Via Val d’Ega (SS 241), travel through – keeping safe from falling rocks – the tunnels at the beginning of the road and penetrate deeper and deeper into the Ega valley. At Birchabruck the Via Val d’Ega forks. As you turn left towards the Karer Pass, turn right and follow the SS 620 up the Lavazè Pass. Here a stop is worthwhile, to enjoy the fresh air and the view.

Once more in the saddle, we descend into Val di Fiemme, to be more precise: to Cavalese, its main town. There you can make another stop before following the SS 48 to the right at Castello di Fiemme. Via San Lugano, you can travel from Trentino back to South Tyrol, whereby the road now leaves all the altitude metres that you have climbed behind and goes down to the Adige. In Auer we take the Brenner motorway (A 22), which we follow to Bolzano. And from there we do the home run back to Ritten.